Your Story

May 29, 2007

  What is your site saying?  When a visitor reads about you are they reading about why you decided to join a particular industry to start making money or,  do they read about the passion you have for the industry and the responsibility you felt to help people get what they needed.  No one cares that in 1999 you and a partner started a business and it grew from there.  But they do want to hear why you started it, obstacles you had to overcome, your vision for the industry and most important why should they choose you.

  Your site is there to spread the word about you, take advantage of this and stand out from the crowd.


The System is Simple

May 29, 2007

 The internet is about ideas (Seth Godin’s book The Big Moo).  Here is an example of how the system works.  If I own a store specializing in Scottish clothing, jewellery and shoes what I want is for people to find me on the web.  I do this by researching the products I sell and then telling the story about how they were used, what time period they were popular in, the original purpose and on and on. I post everthing I know on my blog.  The people that are interested in Scottish culture find my posts and then are led straight to my store.  The search engines help me grab the attention of my customers but I provide the information they need.

 The mentality that seems to be out there is that people are somehow going to find you out of the thousands of results on the web.  Or they are only capitalizing on the people looking directly for their site.  Go out there and make contact with your customers, tell them why you sell the products you do.